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The VIP Car Detailers of Asia


Driving a Sustainable Future

We are proud of our highest quality VIP services and our technology turning your car, jet or yacht far beyond the factory look. Extremely careful cleaning followed by world's best shiny coating.

Our Technology

We are using state-of-the-art machines and cosmetics way more advanced than most of women use to achieve our target: your smile and attract all the glances while you drive your car, abroad your jet o rset sails on your yacht. 


Meet the Founder



An Indian born in 1982. A dynamic professional with an extensive experience in IT/ITES/Marketing, Construction and Manufacturing, a good eye for details and a high degree of business acumen. He is happily married v.ith a son and his karma brother, Tom, who has become a part of the family. Nishanth feels blessed to have the three of them in his life.
He has always loved cars and calls them best toys in the world. Being around cars and detailing them has been more than a hobby for Nishanth and finally it was his wife, Namrata who said: "If you love cars so much and feel this undefined passion for them, why don't you turn this passion into your profession?" And so it is today. Now he just smiles and thanks her for her advice.


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